Credit: MYfm

We searched for an eligible bachelor to send on a dinner date with our "catch" Sarah!

Credit: MYfm (from left to right: Kevin, Sarah, Valentine, Jill)

Sarah is a single 24-year-old and stopped by the Valentine In The Morning studio to tell us a little about herself. See that VIDEO here!

We found three great guys who are interested in Sarah! Which man do you think we should send on a dinner date (on us) with Sarah?

Paging Dr. Derek

Derek is 30-years-old lives in Chino Hills and is of Italian and Ecuadorean descent.

He has a masters in Public Health and works in cancer research clinical trials at Kaiser Permanente. His goal is to one day become a Medical doctor and is currently studying for the entrance exam.

His friends say that he is funny, honest and generous.

Adventures With Jon

Jon is a 24-year-old looking for a little adventure in life!

He majored in psychobiology at UCLA and currently works in program management.

Jon has a passion for cooking! Total foodie! He also loves Disney, martial arts and hates L.A. traffic (who doesn't!?).

Officer Jay 

Jay is 27-years-old. He is tall, which is a total plus!

He is an army veteran who served our country in Iraq and Haiti and now is following in his father's footsteps protecting us here at home as a police officer.