104.3 MYfm is putting your ears to the test...

for CASH!!

It's something you see and hear everyday... Think you know what it is? Be caller #20 at 866-544-MYfm(6936) and guess correctly what the sound is and win some serious cash!

This contest has ended. Here's a recap of our sounds and how much money people won! 

Winner of $21,600 for guessing 'Peeling A Banana,' Amanda came by our studio to collect her check! Watch below:


Previous Sounds:

Congrats to Jennifer from Corona who won $700 for guessing 'Whipped Cream!'


Congrats to Melissa from LA who won $700 for guessing 'Closing A Book!'


Congrats To Amanda from Fullerton who won $21,600 for guessing 'Peeling A Banana!'


Congrats To Brian from Brea who won $1,100 for guessing '3 Ring Binder!'