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Ed Sheeran is In Control and taking over, picking his favorite songs to share with you, everyday this week. He'll also be sharing personal stories about the songs and artists, giving you the inside story. 

Each day this week we will be posting one of Ed's stories, so stay tuned! 

Here's Monday's story, about the time Ed ran into at a bar:

Do you remember your first ever concert? Ed Sheeran shares the story about his first ever concert, and tell us why both he and his dad were upset at the band.   


Ed says that this video is "one of the best videos on the Internet," and he does an impressive version of the "Goat Remix" of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble." It's better than the goats!  

Ed shared the story of his first ever massage, which included robes and a member of fun. 


Ed is really good friends with members of Snow Patrol and even lives with them. He shared a really REALLY embarrassing story about one of the members and Hayden Panettiere: 

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