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Jason Derulo is In Control and taking over, picking his favorite songs to share with you everyday this week. He'll also be sharing personal stories about the songs and artists, giving you the inside story. 

Here are some of the best stories from Jason's In Control sessions.  

On Monday, Jason Derulo shared his favorite collaboration, which happens to be "No Air" by Jordin Sparks.

On Tuesday, Jason Derulo talked about Ed Sheeran and seeing his career take off in the UK and the US. He also talked about Ed being great with his fans before his shows.


On Wednesday, Jason Derulo revealed one of his top 5 favorite songs of all time, and said that this song is "flawless." Find out what song Jason is talking about in the clip below. 

On Thursday, Jason Derulo talked about his experience touring with Lady Gaga. 


And finally, on Friday, Jason Derulo talked about writing songs, and how "Whatcha Say" changed everything for him. Take a listen:

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