Best known for fronting the band Gym Class Heroes, Travie McCoy is quickly making himself known just as much for his solo work. It’s been over three years since the last Travie solo album in which he teamed up with Bruno Mars to give us “Billionaire.” Now with this pending new solo album, Travie gives us “Rough Water.”

This new song features a not-so-obvious collaboration with Jason Mraz. In fact, if not for the label on the track, it might be hard to guess that it’s actually Jason. The multi Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter leaves his classic happy scatting behind to showcase a well-done, yet understated vocal delivery. This is a perfect collaboration. Their two distinct vocals blend so well together. Jason’s silky smooth delivery on the hook mixes so well with Travie’s rap vocals and superior story-telling skills to give us another amazing song.

Check it out now for yourself. Travie McCoy “Rough Water” featuring Jason Mraz:

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