The holidays are inching closer each day, and with them comes a wave of holiday shoppers and hires in numerous stores.

Retailers are eager to bring customers into stores rather than see them shop online from home because it's much easier to encourage additional purchases of other items face-to-face. Also, in-store purchases don't require shipping costs.

Hiring managers in the United States claim to be looking for candidates who regularly wear or use the company products and/or have knowledge of them.It is also noted that employers value fashion sense, interpersonal skills, and even creative resumes.

Customer service is very important, especially during stressful shopping seasons like right now. Stores are crowded by hoards of people drawn in by sales and those in last-minute gift-buying frenzies. Stores such as Target and Macy's are offering higher wages and even bonuses for working shifts that are particularly busy or during odd hours.

 Photo: Getty Images