Trees, lights, scented candles... wreaths! Why do we hang wreaths around Christmas? One of the staples of holiday decorations is hung on doors across the country this time of year. As with a lot of symbols, holiday wreaths are rooted in a number of religions and cultures. Some view them as nothing more than decorative and secular, but others claim that wreaths branch back to Christianity.

Christians believe that the wreath represents suffering - the thorns worn by Jesus Christ on the cross, and tiny red berries representing blood, with evergreen leaves meaning eternal life. Some people trace the origins of holiday wreaths back to Ancient Rome, stating that they symbolize victory and are hung after a win in battle.

Today, there's a lot of variety in wreaths. Some choose to decorate them with pins, buttons, glitter, fabric, shells, or any number of modern materials and crafty items. Whatever your wreath looks like, the important thing to remember is that hanging one can be a great tradition for all no matter what your beliefs are. Happy Holidays!

Photo: Getty Images