photo credit: Miro Sarkissian / MYfm  

CLICK HERE to see all the pictures of Andy taking over MYfm! 

In preparation for MY Big Night Out next Monday, we had Andy Grammer stop by and take over MYfm for a day. He'll be on from 6-7pm today. Catch it on your radio, stream it online, or listen through iHeartRadio. 

For the hour, Andy will be picking the music and sharing all the stories. Here's sneak peak - Andy talks about rocking his mom's green mini van, which they called, 'the turtle,' while in high school. 

Get your tickets to see Andy Grammer, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato & Colbie Caillat at MY Big Night Out at the Hollywood Bowl on June 16! 

Andy picked some great songs! But which ones of the songs that he picked is your favorite? 

Poll: Which one of the songs that Andy picked is your favorite?