If you leave it in plain sight-you're kindof asking for it...someone broke my car window to get to a portable navigation device once...I've had friends cars broken into because of laptops, camera equiptment and musical instruments left in the back seat...but this one a BIG bummer...did someone follow her-ASSUMING she'd have something nice in her car because she's famous? Was it someone she knew?? Still NOT cool that when Juliann Hough returned to her parked car in Hollywood last Friday night, she found it unlocked and ransacked, with several pieces of expensive jewelry missing...valued at around $100k-ALL gifts from boyfriend Ryan Seacrest! Has anyone every broke into YOUR car to steal something?? Andf how does her getting robbed STILL make Ryan look like THE BEST BOYFRIEND OF ALLLLLLLLL TIIIIIIIIME!!!???!!!! haaa I luv that guy ;) I'm SURE he'll help her 'replace them' ;)