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What started out as a love for music and simply having fun jamming with buddies has led actor Greg Grunberg and his friends to an unusual place: packed venues playing rock and roll for charitable causes!

The Band From TV lineup includes a powerhouse of well-known and acclaimed actors including: Greg Grunberg (drums), a veteran of shows such as “Alias” and “Felicity” as well as the NBC hit “Heroes”; James Denton (guitar), currently starring in the ABC hit “Desperate Housewives”; Bob Guiney (vocals), who appeared on “The Bachelor” and on TLC’s “Date My House”; Jesse Spencer (violin) currently starring in the FOX hit “House”; Adrian Pasdar, from “Heroes” and “Desperate Housewives”; Scott Grimes from “American Dad” and “ER,” and rounding out the band are accomplished musicians Chris Kelley (Music Director), Barry Sarna (Eagles), David Leach (Ben Harper), Chris Mostert (Eagles) and child-star turned bass player Brad Savage.

A few years back, Grunberg was asked to play a gig at the House of Blues with a couple of celebrities. With the overwhelming interest this performance generated, he decided to form a celebrity band that could also serve as a platform for another passion – raising money for charitable causes. He met Hugh Laurie after a guest stint on “House,” and later met James Denton and Bob Guiney when they jammed at a charity event. They formed Band From TV, and Adrian Pasdar and Scott Grimes joined soon after. All the celebrities have a charity they support. “Band From TV” is all about giving, with the majority of the money raised from gigs and the band’s DVD being donated back to help the charities in their endeavors.

“My oldest son has epilepsy and I saw this band as a wonderful vehicle to help raise money for the National Epilepsy Foundation,” comments Grunberg. “Having band mates who also happen to be in some of the most popular shows on television creates an amazing opportunity to really reach out to our fans to help support these wonderful causes,” adds Grunberg. James Denton works with The Conservation Fund, Bob Guiney supports The Art of Elysium. Jesse Spencer supports The Indiana University-Kenya Partnership. Support for additional charitable organizations are in the works. While talented actors, the band is truly about celebrating music, living the rock and roll fantasy and having fun while bringing classic rock and roll music to life.

Christmas Crimerom A BFTV Christmas EP by Band From TV

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An original Band From TV Christmas song.


from A BFTV Christmas EP, track released December 16, 2016 
Written by Campbell, Grimes & Marzock. 

EP Scott Grimes & Nick Marzock.


Thanks to my guests BFTV founder Greg Grunberg & Scott Grimes
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How You Can Help

How you can help operation gratitude

How You Can Help

At this time, our most urgent needs are:
~Wish List items
~Handmade scarves and paracord “Survival” bracelets
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~Financial donations to pay for production and shipping expenses. Each package costs $15 to make and ship.

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