Through an exciting and challenging adventure camp experience ARROW-HEART equips teens at a crossroads with the survival skills to build a sense of self worth, take responsibility for their own lives, and ultimately become an asset in their communities.

It is for these kids that we created ARROW-HEART; a youth leadership program focused on young adults between the ages of 13 and 17 years of age.  Our core goal is to take them on a journey from a lost and troubled beginning, to becoming an inspirational leading force in their community and beyond. (With our highly trained staff) We provide the vehicle and mechanisms necessary to guide them toward developing strength, coordination and life skills in a safe and healthy, yet mentally and physically challenging environment.  Our success is derived through exciting character and team building activities, unique challenge courses, utilizing the outdoors as our main classroom and, most importantly, the value and reward of serving others.


ARROW-HEART  Transformation is a path through experience, reflection, wisdom and change. To change where one is going it is imperative to understand where one has been.  At the heart of every child exists the unlocked potential of a unique individual. Every person has a special purpose to fulfill that contributes to the positive evolution of society. We aim to find that undiscovered potential and build the self-assurance that every child can cultivate their unique gift to the world. 

ARROW-HEARTis currently offering an incredible LifeCAMP opportunity.  Assessing the history and personalities of our participants, we are able to understand what drives, motivates and concerns our kids.  This allows us the ability to create a personalized program and design challenges to turn their weaknesses into strengths. The participant’s self reflection allows them to gain a deeper grasp into how they will meet those challenges. We utilize individual and group experiences to assist our participants in the understanding of themselves and their relationships to others.

Thanks to my awesome guest actress and Arrow-Heart co-founder Ari Zucker!



An outdoor physical philanthropy event with 100 + stationary bikes on the iconic Santa Monica Pier, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 400 + riders cycle for 5 hours/100 miles with some of the city's top cycling instructors, while 1,000 family and friends cheer them on. We have great DJ's, musical and special guests, dancing, vendors and lots of great food and drink. POTP is a high energy, fundraising event which benefits the HAROLD ROBINSON FOUNDATION. HRF is a 501(c)(3) working to improve the lives of our city’s impoverished children by providing them with a camp retreat where they participate in diverse recreational programs that are designed to strengthen confidence, independence, build character and develop leadership skills.


Teams or individuals register a bike for the day. Teams can be comprised of up to 5 people who can ride relay-style throughout the day or you can ride on your own. Yes, it’s hard…but so is changing the world!


This event was organized to raise funds for the Harold Robinson Foundation which provides impoverished children the means, free of cost, to attend a safe, nurturing and non-competitive camp environment where they will experience nature and participate in diverse recreational programs designed to strengthen confidence and independence, build character and develop leadership skills.

Please watch our videos to learn more about HRF:
Harold Robinson Foundation Videos



The iconic Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California. Parking available in Lot#1 North (lower lot.) Access from Westbound Pico Blvd. to Appian Way or Southbound PCH.


Each team/ bike must raise a minimum of $2,500 to go towards the Harold Robinson Foundation.


Keiser Bikes and Kinetic Cycling’s John Scarangello along with other popular instructors will spin you through a day of bands, hot DJ’s, celebrity guests, vendors, food/drink, tons of energy and excitement.

Our motto..."WE SPIN, KIDS WIN!!"

Thanks to my great guest Jeff Robinson w/the Harold Robinson Foundation!