CONTRA-TIEMPO is dedicated to transforming the world through dance. One of our most effective and powerful tools is our dynamic work with youth. This school year, we worked with 26 schools throughout Los Angeles, New York and North Carolina.

There are numerous options including:
Several large-scale performance pieces with the entire company
Audience interaction and a Q & A with the company
Community arts workshops and master classes
Comprehensive, standards based residency programs
Professional development for educators
Lecture demonstrations

Downloadable Study-Guide HERE

In our shows, we use Salsa to intertwine our words, movements, video, and music to express the complexity of resistance and struggle for Latinos and communities of color in the U.S. Part of our mission is creating dialogue and greater understanding across populations, in particular around issues of resistance and power. We are dedicated to the growth and development of more self reflective and engaged young artists!

We cater our workshop, master class or residency to your needs and interests as a unique learning community. We have an elementary, middle and high school curriculum, and have worked with K - 12th grade. In all of our work with youth we use Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Hip Hop  technique and dance fundamentals, including the principles of leading and following,  improvising in pairs, groups, and small learning communities.  For younger students we work with concepts of independence, dependence and interdependence - exploring these concepts physically. In our technical workshops and residencies we pull from the Rueda (Cuban Salsa) and work with students around concepts of 'compassionate partnering' and movement metaphor.  In our choreographic workshops, students will create movement studies designed to engage and push audiences to  explore new ideas about dance partnering and working as community.

Core Competencies     
Communication, Critical Thinking and Information Competency, Problem-Solving, Global Awareness, Personal Responsibility and Professional Development, Physical Wellness, Health and Nutrition...

Thanks to my incredible guest and Contra-Tiempo founder Anna Maria Alvarez :)