About the Weingart Center

The Weingart Center is a non-profit comprehensive human services organization that was established in 1983 after recognizing that widespread homelessness was a new phenomenon facing the city of Los Angeles. Downtown civic leaders knew that combating the growing, serious problem would require innovative methods.  The Weingart Center (WCA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has become that innovative agency— the Weingart Center provides homeless individuals with the basic skills necessary to stabilize their lives, secure income and find permanent housing.

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Our organization’s mission is to empower and transform lives by delivering innovative solutions to combat poverty and break the cycle of homelessness. Everyday we get closer to our goal, transitioning homeless men and women from street life to self-sufficiency through a variety of programs and services, such as: Workforce DevelopmentMental Health & Substance Abuse TreatmentCase Management, Veterans Transition Housing, Women’s Renaissance, Re-entry Programs, and various other solutions.

The Weingart Center:
  • Serves and assists 3,000 individuals annually through our residential programs and 15,000 via our walk-in Resource Center
  • Provides housing for 500+ homeless men and women daily
  • Has three facilities including a walk-in resource center and a site dedicated to employment services
  • Was established in 1983
  • Uses 83% of all funds raised for creating, implementing and operating client services and programs
  • Partners with organizations such as: Veteran’s Affairs, JWCH Institute, Inner City Law Center, CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Department of Social Services, and Beyond Shelter.
  • Serves 225,000 healthy meals annually
  • Has 75% male clients and 25% female clients


Thank you to my AWESOME guest...former politician and Hollywood agent turned full time philanthropic guy, the CEO of Weingart...Kevin Murray for chatting ALL about their vision to transform the lives of those who are homeless BACK into a 2nd chance to making great things happen... ;)