Poll: MY Music Challenge: Colbie Caillat vs. G.R.L.

Voting ends at 9pm on 7/10. Until then, keep voting! 

Hall of Fame

Congrats Tegan and Sara!! They won again last night, making it their fifth win, giving them a spot in the MY Music Challenge Hall of Fame! Congratulations!

Challenger: Colbie Caillat 'Try'

At the age of 22, Malibu native Colbie Caillat had a breakout year with her debut album, "Coco," and the singles, "Bubbly" and "Realize." She won a GRAMMY for her collaboration with Jason Mraz on "Lucky," and for her backing vocals on Taylor Swift's album, "Fearless."

Challenger: G.R.L. 'Ugly Heart''

G.R.L. are Natasha, Paula, Simone, Emmalyn and Lauren, and were formed by Robin Antin, and are from the US, Canada, and the UK. G.R.L. are featured on Pitbull's "Wild Wild Love," and their song "Vacation" was on "The Smurfs 2" soundtrack. 

Vote for your favorite and come back tomorrow to see who will be crowned the CHAMPION and who will be challenging them for the title!