Poll: MY Music Challenge: Rachele Royale vs Neon Trees

Voting ends at 9pm on 6/18. Until then, keep voting!

Champion: Rachele Royale 'Unscrew U'

Rachele Royale's guilty food pleasure is the cream cheese frosting from Sprinkles Cupcakes and lists her celebrity crushes as Henry Cavill and Iggy Azalea. Her favorite app is Instagram and if she wasn't a singer, she'd would have been a dance teacher or choreographer! 


Challenger: Neon Trees - 'Text Me In The Morning'

Lead singer Tyler Glenn was inspired by the neon tress on the In-N-Out sign, which lead to the names name. Neon Trees opened for The Killers, which led to their record deal. Their third studio album, "Pop Psychology" was released earlier this year.  

Vote for your favorite and come back tomorrow to see who will be crowned the CHAMPION and who will be challenging them for the title!