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Delta Rae is a six-piece band from North Carolina with a big blues/folk sound that you not only hear, but feel. Their debut album, Carry The Fire, was released last year, and has garnered high praise. 

"If I Loved You"

Delta Rae's current single is a song called "If I Loved You", which features Lindsay Buckingham, the legendary guitarist of Fleetwood Mac. Delta Rae cite Fleetwood Mac as one of their inspirations, and were thrilled to have Lindsay Buckingham contribute to their song. While at MYfm, Delta Rae played a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain".

"The Chain" Fleetwood Mac cover

The power and intensity of Delta Rae can really be heard and felt in the band's most popular song, "Bottom of the River". The song not only features great vocals and harmonies, but also intense drumming and stomping. 

"Bottom of the River"

The MYfm studio was definitely shaking from the powerful sound of Delta Rae.