Valentine's Day is this Friday...let's not wait 'til Thursday or Friday to come up with our gifts & plans.  Here are a few ideas for starters...

(1) Sending flowers to work is a basic must.

(2) Chocolate is a must (Godiva's the best!).

(3) A nice handbag is never a bad gift idea.

(4) A romantic weekend getaway for Valentine's weekend or as a gift would be nice.

(5) Spa treatments are divine.

(6) Concert tickets are a treat.

(7) A tech gift like stylish headphones or earbuds.

(8) Jewelry is wonderful...diamond jewelry is even better.

(9) An adventure gift like skydiving or surfboarding would be unique.

(10) Sexy heels are a good gift idea.

(11) Special exercise classes like pilates, yoga, crossfit & such would be a unique gift idea.

(12) Couples dance lessons would be a romantic & unique gift.

(13) Couples cooking classes are nice & romantic.

(14) Cooking a romantic dinner at home would be nice...dinner & a movie.  (Flowers & chocolate are still a must in the case).

(15) And finally, for all my fellow single people...Valentine's doesn't have to be a depressing holiday to spend alone.  Get together with friends  Friday night & have a blast!  I once hung out with a group of female friends.  We went to dinner & I gave them all this cute chocolate shaped like a man that I got from a novelty store.  It was called "My Chocolate Boyfriend" and they all LOVED it!  We then all went to a comedy club afterwards.  Good times & not once did we care that we didn't have boyfriends.  Hope these ideas help.  

Happy Valentine's Day--Shelley