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Shelley Wade

Hey, it's Shelley...thanks for stopping by! I often use the hashtag #MusicIsLife because music has always been my life. I grew up wanting to be a Grammy award-winning singer. And since music is life, working in radio doesn't feel like work for me at all. I've been blessed to have a really illustrious radio career, which kicked off in my hometown of Houston & continued with my radio dream job at Z100 in New York City for 12 years. And now my career has brought me to beautiful Southern California. It is my absolute honor to to talk on the radio & play music for our listeners on my "All The Rage With Shelley Wade" show everyday. You can also regularly see me on National TV, including appearances on "The Talk" on CBS, on the Today Show on NBC with Kathie Lee & Hoda and on CNN. Please visit for a more extensive bio. In my personal life, I'm a certified bachelorette...but I'm always open to meeting the perfect guy for me. I thank God everyday for blessing me with a family that loves me unconditionally--my parents, my siblings & my Godchildren. I consider myself a foodie & I LOVE wine dinners. Follow along with me on Twitter @ShelleyWade, on Instagram @TheOneAndOnlyShelleyWade and like my "All The Rage With Shelley Wade" page on Facebook. Light & Love - S

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