What is a filler food? It is a food that is mostly water content, that makes you feel full & keep you full. Check out this list of filler foods to help you east less but feel more full. 

1. Cucumbers- 90% water

It’s no surprise that cucumbers have a moisture content of 90 percent. What you may not know is that they are a source of protein, calcium and iron, and they contain vitamins C and A, fiber and beta carotene.

2. Celery- Only 16 Calories! 

The crunchy vegetable’s leading claim to fame is the presence of active compounds called phthalides, which help relax muscles around the arteries and allow blood vessels to dilate, eventually lowering blood pressure. 

3. Lettuce- 95% water

ceberg and other types of lettuce are about 95 percent water and practically calorie-free, making them a great fill-you-up food.

4. Hearts of Palm- Great source of protein! 

These flavorful stalks contain protein, vitamin A, folic acid and almost no fat. A half cup has 115 calories. Hearts of palm earn their place on your plate because they’re a good source of potassium, which is important for heart and nerve cell function and blood pressure regulation. 

5. Radishes- Only 24 calories! 

A cup of these spicy bulbs has a mere 24 calories and contains potassium and vitamin C. Most importantly, radishes are moisture- and fiber-rich. Fiber is key for keeping our digestive tract healthy and ferrying the bad cholesterol (LDL) out of our system.   

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article via youbeauty.com