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The real Angelenos already know that we have some pretty amazing Mexican food in LA, but if you're coming just for a visit, the below restaurants are some that you must try! 


  1. El Cholo- Downtown, Santa Monica and Central LA -- this restaurant has been open for OVER 80 YEARS! Comfort Food meets atmosphere at El Cholo every time! 
  2. Border Grill- 4th Street in Santa Monica -- great place for drinks and small eats
  3. Colonia Taco Lounge- 13030 E. Valley Blvd in La Puenta -- good everything (especially margaritas)
  4. Gracias Madre - West Hollywood -- this restaurant reminds of us Palm Springs. It's beautiful relaxed and have some of the pineapple salsa we've ever tried! 
  5. PettyCash Taqueria - Mid-City -- Don't be scared by the graffiti on the walls at PettyCash, it's a beautifuol tribute to the history of Beverly Blvd. The Crispy Brussel Spouts and ceviche are what keep us coming pack every time! 

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 By: @BrittShab