Easter is THIS Sunday, remember?! If it's been on your radar than you probably have been thinking about the food. Traditionally, my aunt has always brought her jello egg molds as a fun activity. I always remember making them early in the morning and then eating them for dessert later in the day. 

Here are some other egg-cellent ideas you can make at home or share the task with friends and family:

Jello Eggs - you can go crazy with rainbow colors or keep to solids, which is actually easier.



Pastel Deviled Eggs - A yummy easy treat with a colorful twist.


Chocolate Eggs Filled With Cheesecake - This is an advance recipe, but looks pretty delicious!


Rice Krispie Egg Treats - Who doesn't love a rice krispie treat? You can make these in advance and have kids or family members decorate them.