Yes, Skills is spelled with a "z" in the title because what this one knife master can do with one knife and a watermelon is pretty incredible. I'm a big believer of having a good set of knives in your kitchen, especially if you enjoy cooking for yourself. I recently was gifted a set of Wüstof knives that pretty much changed my life. I refuse to go back to my old ways and when it comes to treating my foodie friends with a little something special, a good set of knives is always at the top of my gift list.

Now back to the action... *Do Not Try This At Home*

In the video, Matt Jones is seen getting in his zone before he quickly chops through a watermelon. He starts by holding the watermelon horizontally and cuts the ends than shifts the fruit vertically and cuts through the thick green skin with no problem. From there he slices it in half and attacks each piece dicing it all up in 21 seconds! His video is at 3 million views and counting!

Kudos to Matt, but I think I'll keep my fingers and cut a watermelon at my own pace.

- Bianca Magdaleno