A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an adorable little website called, Sugarfina. Obviously I was captivated by the color-scheme but upon further investigation I began to uncover whimsical sweets and decadent treats that had my mouth salivating in an instant!

Sugarfina is an online candy boutique created by Rosie O'Neill and Josh Resnick after being influenced by a showing of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The two decided that they wanted to create a unique candy experience for grown-ups, so they toured the world testing and tasting hundreds of candies to cultivate the best there is and share it with all of us!

Now not only are owners Rosie and Josh passionate about what they do, they are also pretty sweet to the planet! Their Malibu based company is powered by 100% renewable energy, the Sugarfina packaging is printed on soy-based with eco-friendly inks, they use recycled materials in all their shipping supplies (which is unbelievably adorable by the way!) AND they donate a portion of all proceeds to two wonderful charities, KIVA and The Lili Claire Foundation.

The team at Sugarfina was nice enough to let me sample some of their favorites and let me tell you, as someone who grew up with their mom working in the candy industry, this is some of the best candy I’ve ever tasted! Here are a few of my favorites:


Greek Yogurt Berries: These tasted a lot like fruit snacks, which I love! They had a creamy texture at some parts as you can see from the picture. The flavor of each fruit was distinct and delicious!

Champagne Bubbles: The texture of these little drops reminded of something similar to Mochi however the slight crunch from the tiny candy pearls on top made them instantly addictive. I love nonpareilles or “SnoCaps”, which have the same candy pearls so these obviously stood out to me.

Dark Chocolate Toffee Almonds: I’m a sucker for dark chocolate, but honestly, which lady out there isn’t? However, the slight hint of salt you get from the inner layer of toffee in these nuts make them the perfect little treat to kick a dessert craving to the curb. You know... when you’re “trying” to be good!

The Bento Boxes from Sugarfina make amazing gifts for any occasion! Did someone recently get engaged? Need something for Mother’s Day? Want to tell your favorite blogger from The Dish how much you love them? No matter what the reason, Sugarfina is sure to make anyone’s day sweeter!

Since Sugarfina is super sweet to Kasey’s Kitchen and The Dish, we have a giveaway for you!

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