Photo: Adobo Shrimp Quesadilla from Tacos & Tequila

Here is yet another good reason to make a trip out to Morongo Casino Resort & Spa! Not only does Tacos & Tequila have great drinks but their food is delish! Here is what we recommend for the "Perfect Meal."


The Adobo Shrimp Quesadilla is more the just that. The delectable shrimp & unique combo of flavors will be sure to leave you wanting more!  

Ingredients:  Flour tortilla, black bean, Oaxaca cheese, chile chipotle aioli, pico de gallo, crema fresca, avocado

Photo: Alambre Tacos from Tacos & Tequila


The Alambre Tacos are a special blend of bacon, carne asada & jalapenos. The combo is not something we would have guessed to put together on our own, but Tacos & Tequila has mastered the flavors & blessed us with an entre we will never forget!  

Ingredients: Grilled skirt steak, flour tortilla, bacon, Oaxaca cheese, chile poblano, salsa roja

Photo: ( right to left) Tres Leches, Morenita Sundae & Banana Empanada from Tacos & Tequila

Last but certainly not least is the dessert! 


When you finish your amazing meal, treat yourself to something sweet. Choose from either Tres Leches, Banana Empanadas, Morenita Sundae or a Helado Frito. Our personal favorite was the Morenita Sundae! 

Ingredients: Brownie, cinnamon ice cream, cajeta sauce, chocolate sauce walnut brittle, whipped cream 

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