Bromatology: is the applied science devoted to the study of food

Bet you didn't know that, right?! We'll if you ever owned an easy bake oven or had fun helping a relative in the kitchen, you know that food equals science and can be pretty cool to watch.

The Ice-Cream lab in Beverly Hills just opened with the idea of a place where you become your own food scientist in a real made to order ice cream shop.

Move over Vanilla, there is a new flavor in town...Banilla!

State of the art machines instantly freeze the 100% organic, fresh, and local ingredients you choose. You even have the option to churn your ice cream into a shake. How could you resist signature flavors like Angeles Apple Pie, Blue Velvet, Salt Lick Crunch, Banilla and Coffee Brittle.

Plus, seasonal flavors like Caramel Popcorn are a total game changer.

The Ice-Cream lab is also available for parties, special events, catering

9461 S Santa Monica Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

- Bianca Magdaleno