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40-Year-Old Mom Becomes NFL Cheerleader

It's never too late to reach your goals! 

Kriste Lewis had always dreamed of being a professional NFL cheerleader, but marriage, children and a diagnosis of kidney disease kept this dance instructor from achieving or even trying to achieve her life-long goal.

At 40-years-old, however, the Missouri resident and mother of two boys is officially a New Orleans Saints cheerleader! She told Good Morning America, "I didn't want to waste a day." Kriste will make her debut in September at the Saints' home opener.

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New Federal Guidelines On Job Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers

The expanded rules make clear that any form of workplace discrimination or harassment against pregnant workers by employers is a form of sex discrimination - and illegal.

Pregnancy discrimination guidelines have been updated for the first time in more than 30 years and spell out for the first time how the Americans With Disabilities Act applies to pregnant workers. And they emphasize that any discrimination against female workers based on past or prospective future pregnancies is also illegal.

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ALWAYS LATE?: It’s Your Brain’s Fault

A new study has found that some people who are perpetually late have a defect in the part of their brain that controls time management.

Researchers call these perpetually late people "Producers." They are people who get an "ego boost from speeding through a long to-do list."

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