Credit: Getty Images/ Athanasios Gioumpasis

Instant Modeling Contract!

A picture of blonde Belgian fan cheering on her country during a World Cup match has gone viral on the internet.

The pic caught the eye of L’Oreal. She has now signed a contract with them! So next time your singing take me out to the ballgame at dodger stadium make sure you look good.

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Bryan Stow Won His Case

Speaking of baseball San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow has won his case $18 million – the jury divided responsibility for his injuries among the Dodgers and the two men who attacked him.

The Dodgers must pay about $14 million. (a lot of medical costs-he really needs the money) Frank McCourt pays nothing?

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What Donald Sterling Said This Time...

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in the news today!

As Shelly Sterling walked past her husband, sitting in the front row, he said to her:

“Stay away from me, you pig.” Donald started to say something else to her, and Judge Michael Levanas interrupted, “Please don’t make any comments to your wife. That’s somewhat disturbing,” Levanas said.

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