Jessica Alba went to some extreme measures to lose weight after giving birth to her second daughter Haven back in August 2011. She said she wore a double corset day and night for three months! Jessica said it was sweaty, but worth it. She does admit that this weight loss method is "brutal” and also said it’s definitely “not for everyone."

Justin Bieber has a new tattoo on his left arm that looks a lot like Selena Gomez. His tattoo is of a woman with dark hair, a low cut top and angel wings. The image looks very similar to a photo of Selena that was shot last year for Elle magazine.

Poor Amanda Bynes. She has pulled a Britney and decided to switch up her hairstyle – by shaving off most of the her hair. She tweeted: "I buzzed half my head like @cassie! No more old photos! This is the new me! I love it!". She also posted a few selfies with a curled updo to show her buzzed sides.


They tried to make it work, but it looks like country singer Jason Aldean and his wife Jessica have separated. Last year, Jason was photographed kissing another woman and according to a source, Jason and Jessica actually split back in January. She didn't attend the ACM Awards with Aldean in April. A rep for Jason says can confirm that Jason and his wife are having problems, but there is nothing more to share at this time They have two young daughters, Keeley and Kendyl.

The show started off by saying there was “shocking news that will affect the judges, and turn the competition upside down”. Since the judges hadn’t used their save this year — which normally expires at the onset of the top five — the show had an extra week in the schedule. Producers decided to roll over this week’s 38 million votes toward next week, meaning none of the four finalists were going home Thursday. Amber and Candice wound up in the bottom two.