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RJ MITTE plays Walter Jr on Breaking Bad - which we like to think is the biggest show in the history of television!

Nate, Jill and Dylan are obsessed with Breaking Bad and don't want it to end.



Listen to RJ's entire interview with Valentine:


RJ also told us about his next project: "VANISHED: THE TARA CALICO STORY"

To learn more about RJ's documentary, visit:

If you want more info on the project, there is a contact section on the website to fill out or you can email directly at:

To get involved with the Social Action campaign, go to Instagram and search #Justice4TaraCalico. Take a photo of yourself with a sign that says #Justice4TaraCalico

RJ and his team will repost it and send it to New Mexico law makers.


But he needs your help to get the documentary finished!

Want to go on a date with RJ? Listen to him tell you how: 


We also talked to RJ off the air asking for any secrets he could share about Breaking Bad. Check out the exclusive online interview that wasn't on air: