Rob Kardashian has been charged with battery and petty theft after allegedly attacking a photographer and stealing her camera’s memory card. It happened back in March and all because she took pictures of him without his shirt on. She has now sued Rob for robbery and assault. But, Rob says he lashed out because she trespassed onto private property to take his picture. Rob has been open about struggling with his weight and insisted he would pay her back for the card, but she still pressed charges.

American Idol ratings are down 22% this season and last week’s result show was the least-watched episode ever! So the rumor is… Idol is going to make a few changes next season. Obviously, they are going to get new judges. Tension between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj is said to be so bad that they never come in contact with each other until cameras are rolling. So, they probably won’t be invited back. They are also thinking about getting rid of theme nights – like shows that focused on The Beatles and Burt Bacharach and there might be new executive producers next season. This also might be the last summer tour for the contestants. Low ratings means low ticket sales – plus The Voice and The X Factor don't currently take their contestants on the road and their shows do just fine.