credit: Valentine in the Morning MYFM

Has Shia LaBeouf gone off the deep end!? Or is this just a publicity stunt?

Robbie the producer sat down with LaBeouf at the actor's art installation Tuesday in Los Angeles.

The installation is called "#IAMSORRY" and features LaBeouf sitting at a table with a paper bag over his head. 

Inside there were artifacts from LaBeouf’s career including a whip from 'Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull', a transformer, a pink ukulele and many other things. There was a wrench and some Hershey’s Kisses as well. Sitting in front of LaBeouf was a bowl full of hateful tweets about the actor.

Robbie the producer sat at the table with LaBeouf and convinced him to take off the paper bag! Revealed was LaBeouf crying.

Robbie recorded his whole interaction with LaBeouf! Check out the audio here!

We talked to TMZ who went to the art installation as well. Listen to their experience here:


Robbie waited in line for 3 hours to get in to see Shia Labeouf! What would you say to the actor if you got to sit with him?

What do you think of LaBeouf's weird behavior lately!?