photo credit: Ana Brandt 

Valentine's son had his first day of kindergarten this morning and during the show, Val shared a little something he wrote for Colin:


I'm scared. It's a step. It's a forward movement. It's necessary. His mom and I have been the sun the moon and the stars for five years, We are this little boys world. I'm his best buddy, who sets up tents with him in our bedroom for sleepovers and his guy who searches for his lovies when one is misplaced.

I've been a magician, a storytelller, a pilot, an astronaut, I've played every role on the stage, that is his life.

I know it will all change, continue, and some things will end as time progresses.

I know. I'm just not ready.

Dear world this is Colin. He is my heart. 
He is part of my very being. I have charged him to be good and do good :) I charge you the same. I know he will have joys and sorrows, challenges and decisions, all of which I may not be there for. It is all a journey to becoming a man. He is only five, but yesterday he was all mine, and now I have to share. Dear world this is Colin.