Disneyland Increases Cost For Single-Day & Park Hopper Tickets

In hopes to accommodate guests better  in their often filled theme parked, as of today, Disneyland Resort has  increased  their prices on single-day tickets for one park and park hopper tickets. The price raise will only be from a $2-$5 basis.

                   Single-Day One Park:

  • Value: Before $95 Now $97
  • Regular: Before $105 Now $110
  • Peak: Before $119 Now $124

                   Park hopper tickets:

  • Value: Before $155 Now $157
  • Regular: Before $160 Now $165
  • Peak:Before $169 Now $174

Season passed for  SoCal Select, SoCal and Deluxe annual will also increase between $10 and $20.The SoCal Select passes are going from $329 to $339 and SoCal are increasing $459 to $469. Deluxe passes are now  $619 instead of $599. However, prices for the Signature, Signature Plus and Premiere Passport passes will remain the same.

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