Kevin & Ali Fedotowsky Decide Between 4 Cakes For Their Wedding (WATCH)

It's official, Kevin and Ali are OFFICIALLY planning their wedding. They let PEOPLE take a look inside of all of the hard decisions they're making for their upcoming wedding.

The two sat down with Beverly's Bakery's Jennifer Cella Williams who showed them four designs... a mod geode style, a textured buttercream, a watercolor design with pastel colors, and a bohemian cake with fondant feathers and braiding.

After tasting the cake,  Kevin said that Ali would lean towards the white cake. "I'll be honest with you these days after so much wedding planning I don't know what my opinions are anymore. I just know what you would like."

As for flowers... Kevin said they're probably not going to do the symbolic Bachelorette red rose thing. However, Ali said, "well, maybe white roses."

Watch them taste the cakes below:

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