Stranger Pays for A Little Girl's Plane Ticket

Traveling with kids can be absolute torture, but sometimes a stranger's compassion can make the trip less miserable.

When this dad purchased a plane ticket for himself month's ago, he was under the impression that his 1-year-old daughter could ride free, due to the airline's 1 and under policy.

Unfortunately, when he went to check in for his flight, the employee asked him how old his daughter is.

He said "she had just turned 2 in January."

This is when the dad was "hit with emotion" when he learned that he'd now have to buy his daughter a ticket in order for her to board the plane. He couldn't afford to rebook the flight or buy his daughter a ticket with such short notice, he stepped aside and tried to make a few calls.

A stranger, who watched the whole situation unfold, stepped in and insisted on buying the $749 plane ticket.

This woman has a heart of GOLD!

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