A Police Officer And Uber Driver Helped Deliver A Baby On Expressway

You never know what can happen on your Uber trip! A woman in Queens, New York, gave birth in the back of her Uber car on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. 

The woman was on her way to the hospital with her two-year-old daughter when she went into labor along the way.

The driver had the two-year-old sit in the front passenger seat and gave the mother some towels in the back seat. Fortunate enough, Officer Raphael Mohammed arrived to help deliver the baby. Making matters even more complicated, the baby was breech. However, Officer Mohammed is a former paramedic and was able to do the proper procedures to deliver the baby safely. 

Mother and baby are doing just fine, the Highway Division posted a photo of three on their Twitter page.

Check it out below!

Source: Twitter

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