California Adventure Now Sells Dole Whip Cotton Candy

Disneyland isn't the most magical place on earth for nothing — it's overflowing with soo many tasty freakin' desserts!

Some of the go-to food items whenever going to Disneyland is a pineapple dole whip and a cotton candy.

Here's where the best news ever comes...wait for it...

Those two desserts have come together to make a hybrid treat.

Pineapple. Dole. Whip. Cotton. Candy!!!!

Yes, you heard that right and we are just as excited as you are!

This tasty treat is available as a seasonal option and is sold at kiosks around Disney's California Adventure park.

With all the addictive tartness of frozen pineapple dole whip and all the fluffy sweetness of cotton candy, we can't imagine a more perfect snack for eating in the park!

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