This Mommy-To-Be Shows How Eating-For-Two Is Done!

Pizza, donuts, burgers, and fries — chef and Cooking Channel show host, Eden Grinshpan, is eating them all! 

She is eight-months pregnant with her first child and while Eden appears to be a food-loving hungry girl even without a baby on board, pregnancy seems to have amped up her appetite.

Particularly since a photo of her eating pizza off her belly recently went viral.

Since then Eden has posted several more photos similar to her viral pizza photo as she chows down on donuts and enjoys a double cheeseburger while her baby bump is covered in fries.

It sure looks as though she is having a ton of fun with the food she is modeling and it's giving us life!!

If Eden is this creative with her maternity photos, we can't wait to see what she does when the baby is born!

These photos are eating-for-two GOALS!!!

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