Cheetos Is Launching A Clothing Line!

Cheetos are a great go-to snack! 

However, what do you do when you have cheesy fingers afterwards?

You don't have to wonder any longer...behold the "snackwear"

The company has partnered with Betabrand to release Easter clothing that is perfect to secretly eat Cheetos all while keeping your hands clean!

The collection is designed by none other than my main man Chester Cheetah.

An awesome snackwear item is a blazer that has a refillable pocket of cheese dust cleaning napkins. 

The Snackspenders are also pretty cool!

While the clothes aren’t actually produced yet. Betabrand is asking people to vote for their favorite item. The overall winner will then be made into a crowdfunding project and those who voted for it will receive a 30% discount.

You can check out the Betabrand website to see the whole Snack Line!

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