Facebook Now Has Stories and Filters— Just Like Snapchat

Snapchat has got some competition headed its way now that Facebook has updated its camera feature. Facebook developers have added face filters to their camera feature, ripping off the idea from Snapchat. On top of that, Facebook is also adding your friend's "Facebook Stories" to the top of everyone's news feed. Sounds a little familiar, right?

The new Facebook update consists of the camera filters, Facebook Stories, and another feature called Direct. Direct is a separate chat within the camera app itself, not the actual messaging app found at the top of Facebook's web page. 

The camera is accessible from the top left corner of the Facebook app. There you can find decorations, filters, and stickers to add to your photos and then share on your Facebook story, on your news feed, or privately via Direct. 

However, the difference between Snapchat stories and Facebook Stories is that the FB Stories are algorithmically programmed to show your closest friends' stories first. In this way, the update makes it seem more like Instagram stories rather than Snapchat's. But still, the concept of sharing stories was one of Snapchat's creations. Once again, Facebook has managed to completely copy Snapchat within it's own platform. 

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