Husband Accidentally Donated His Wife's Wedding Dress

Natalie Gelbert of Bahama, North Carolina, was packing up some of her 7-year-old stepdaughter's baby clothes left in the storage room when her husband mistakenly took her wedding dress to the local Goodwill Community Foundation Donation Center. Gelbert says, “My dress was in the storage room. He put it in a bag for me to take to the cleaners to preserve it. But then he packed the car with the Goodwill stuff and went to drop it off, and everything was in the same-looking bag, and [he] didn’t realize he was dropping off my wedding dress.”

Although her husband took the dress and the other excess clothes to the community center on March 4th, Natalie didn't realize the dress was gone until March 20th. She replied, “I was going out to eat near where the dress-preservation place was on the other side of town, and I went to look for it and didn’t see it,” she recalled. “And that’s when my husband’s face turned completely pale, and he ran down to the car to check and realized what he had done.”

Since then, she had raced down to the community donation center, and to her dismay, the dress was already gone. One of the employees had remembered selling the dress, telling Natalie Gelbert that they sold it at a discounted $25 because it was dirty at the bottom. 

Natalie has taken charge of the situation and has turned to social media to find the buyer of her wedding dress. The posts have gone viral—her Facebook posts have reached more than 30,000 shares internationally. Unfortunately though, the buyer still has not come out about the dress. However, Natalie is still hopeful about the situation.

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