These Rainbow Churros Might Be Your Newest Obsession!

We all know churros are absolutely delicious, but oh my in the churro world just got so much better all thanks to a handcrafted churros store in Westminster, CA!

'The Loop' has taken over Instagram with their beautiful rainbow churros! 

The fried dough is covered in different colored sugars to look like rainbows.

Not only can you order one of these treats by itself, but you can also order it on top of ice cream!


This isn’t the only treat that The Loop has created out of churros. 

You might have seen the tasty-looking churros covered in different candies and cereal all over Instagram in the past.

Unfortunately, the rainbow colored churros will only be offered for a limited time, so make sure to get yours before they’re gone.

Mmmmm, after looking at all of these churros, now we're craving some!

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