These Dogs Had The Cutest Engagement Photoshoot!

Engagement shoots are amazing and we love looking at the photos, but let's be real here...we all have those friends on Facebook, who are CONSTANTLY posting pictures from their engagement photoshoots.

We get it, you're so in love and engaged...

However, it's not every day that you see two dogs have an engagement photoshoot.

Meet Sebastian and Luna, two pups who took the most AMAZING engagement photos we have ever seen!

One look at this picture perfect scene and we immediately give up!

There's no way our future photoshoots — any of them for any reason — will ever look this good.

Even their "outtakes" are perfect!

Ummm since when did outtakes come to mean photos that look EQUALLY as good as the official photos?!

Awww this is true puppy love!

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