This Cloud Rains Tequila!

Grab your margarita glass and umbrellas because there is now a rain cloud that is making all of our Happy Hour dreams come true!

The Mexico Tourism Board and ad agency LAPIZ, have partnered to create a man-made cloud that produces raindrops of tequila.

The LAPIZ team used ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate the tequila at a rate that turns the alcohol into a visible mist that is filtered into the container.

The vapor of the tequila then condenses inside of the plastic and drops from the cloud. 

The alcohol cloud was originally developed in order to attract German tourists to Mexico and was put on display at a Berlin art gallery.

The cool part of this cloud is that it was synchronized with the local weather patterns, so whenever it rained in Berlin, the tequila poured down too!

Drinkers can hold their glasses under the cloud for an alcoholic rain shower shot.

But of course, if you're too impatient to wait for the rain to fill your glass, there's also a tap with plenty of tequila ready for you!

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