Hey Nintendo Fans! There's a Mario Themed Bar That Exists!


The Drink Company has created a pop-up bar that is Mario themed to celebrate the cherry blossom season.

There's a Petey Piranha on the bar ceiling that moves in and out of green warp pipes, mystery boxes, floating mushrooms and so much more. 

The cocktail menu is of course tailored to the theme as well. 

You can order anything from a "It's a Me, Amario" to "King Koopa Cup."

The bar is located in Washington DC and is only open until April 15th. 

If you show up after that date, they'll be forced to tell you that the princess is actually in another castle.

It opens up at 5pm daily, but line up early because the wait to get inside can be as long as TWO hours.

Fingers crossed, this pop-up bar comes to L.A.

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