Little Girl Has A Costco Themed Birthday Party

There's no question that Costco is one of the best places ever!

Well, 5-year-old Kimber Walker loves Costco SOOO much, she decided to have a COSTCO THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Yup, you heard that right!

This adorable little girl wanted to celebrate her birthday by enjoying all the Kirkland Signature goodies in sight.

At first, Kimber's parents said no, but they later gave in and went all out with decorations and food. 

The party even included memberships and food samples! 

All the invited kids got the full Costco member experience, shopping for food and "buying" it at the cash register. 

Kimber's local Costco even gave her a Costco employee name tag.

How cool is that?!

Kimber is already talking about having Walmart has next year's theme.

However, her mom isn't quite convinced yet.

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