Taylor Swift's House Is Officially a Historic Landmark

Yes, it's official! Taylor Swift's request to make her mansion a historic landmark has been approved! It's not exactly what you think, though... The house was not a purposely approved as a landmark because the famous Grammy-winning pop sensation lives there.

Purchased back in 2015, it turns out that Taylor's home is also known as the Samuel Goldwyn Estate. The 11,000 square-foot home was actually previously owned by famous Hollywood producer, Samuel Goldwyn, who co-founded the studio that later became the MGM. 

Old-timing stars like Charlie Chaplin and Marlene Dietrich used to hang out at the estate quite often, acquainting themselves with its tennis courts, pool, library, home theater, and more.

The Beverly Hills City Council approved the house for preservation because it "possesses a high artistic or aesthetic value and embodies the distinctive characteristics of an architectural style ... type... or period."

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