Disney Launches Princess-Inspired Dresses

Hey Disney Fans!

If you've ever dreamed of finding a dress to be just like your favorite Disney Princess, well look no further because I have GREAT news!

Disney just launched the new line, called The Dress Shop, at Walt Disney World Springs in Orlando, FL.

The store is filled with retro style dresses inspired by your favorite Disney movies, characters, and park attractions.

There's a red, dotted dress for Minnie, a teacup-covered dress for Alice, a leaf-print dress for Pocahontas and a dress with half-eaten apples for Snow White. 

There's even a Wicked Queen dress, for those who'd rather embrace their villainous side.

There are also a few dresses created with the theme park's famous rides, like a parrot-printed dress for The Enchanted Tiki Room and a burgundy, '40s-esque number inspired by the uniforms the bellhops wear at the Hollywood Tower of Terror.

The best part is there's even accessories to go along with all of these dresses!

Don't worry West Coast, they also sell these dresses in Downtown Disney in Anaheim at Vault 28.

If you can't go to either one of these stores, it's okay because soon these dresses will be available online too so be sure to keep an eye out!

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