This News Anchor Learned About Her Husband's Death While Reporting It On Live TV

While Supreet Kaur, a 28-year-old news anchor for IBC24 in India, was reading a breaking news report of a car accident during Saturday morning's live broadcast, she realized that one of the victims was her husband. Kaur managed to keep her composure during the entire segment. 

She then spoke to a local reported on the phone who provided more details about the accident. The reporter did not identify the victims, but the details of the accident like the type of car and location of the crash made Kaur realize that her husband was involved.

The production team also found out about her husband's death while she was reading the news but "did not have the courage" to tell her. Another editor said they could not tell her as she was on live television. 

After Kaur realized that one of the victims was her husband, she still continued to report the story. Then she left for the site of the accident. 

People praised Kaur for her "amazing grace" and composure after learning about her husband's death.

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