Burger King Ad Tries To Make Your Smart Home Device Go Off And Fails

What seemed like a pretty funny idea... turned into a "whopper" of a bad one!

If you have a smart home device like Amazon's Alexa or Google's Home, then you may have experienced the television accidentally setting it off. Well Burger King tried to get your Google Home to talk about the Whopper on purpose. 

The line in the ad is meant to trigger the device to reel off the definition of a Whopper using the first line of the burger's Wikipedia page. The problem is, roughly three hours after the ad launched, it stopped working. Google's Home would only light up in response to the commercial's prompt and stay "mum."

Looks like Google is not too happy with BK, although they have not commented on the commercial yet.

Some people are saying this is a form of hacking. Other's thought it was a creative way to do something with intelligent personal assistant devices.

What do you think?

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